Friday, April 8, 2016

Easy 12 Miler,Or The Jericho Mile......You Decide

I have said more than once that sometimes the run is about chasing my demons away.....yesterday was a prime example.
The day began well enough,I answered the call of the alarm at 5.09am which is always half the battle,knew it was pay day which always makes life a little easier and began reading my latest book "The Outsider'' Jimmy Connors autobiography on the ride to far so good......
No sooner do I arrive on the loading dock at 6.15am that it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

Some Bellend from PJP decides waiting till 7.30am to deliver is too much trouble and proceeds to drop off his 5 skids b4  I arrive.....problem being when he ran out of room on either side of the dock he puts the last three down the how the fuck am I getting to the electric jack at the end of the dock to move them arsehole???????
As if that was a great enough start to my day I now have to deal w/ a pair of arseholes from Rhico who I dubbed the "A Team" ......A standing for arsehole of course and w/ that my day went downhill faster than Lindsay Vorn in the Giant Slalom!!!!!!!

W/ the proverbial "red mist" well and truly decending and projectiles flying across the storeroom I now have to endure the daily "Monkey Shit" from the cast of "The Walking Dead" ie the Storeroom staff who are frankly "as thick as two short planks" at the best of times but give there were no Supervisiors on duty yesterday{even when there are they're about as much use a one legged man in an arse kicking contest!!!!} the level of stupidity from them rose to "critical overload" at which point obsenities are flying out of my mouth more frequently than airplanes out of JFK Airport.

Realizing at this point "I don't need a gun, I can just push the bullets in"!!!!! I thank christ I have a 12 mile run on tap post work to exorcise my demons,as you know I'm a "Proud Paddy" and a Catholic,Orange is NOT my colour and I like my freedom too much to be doing roadside trash pick up detail on a chain gang so despite"tasting the blood" and wanting to knock one individuals teeth "so far down his throat he'll need to shove a toothbrush up his arse to clean them" I suppress my demons till 3.15pm go home "pass go,collect $300 and not go to jail" get out of my work clothes into my running gear and perform an Exorcisim over 12 miles out and back on Kelly Drive.

Demons suppressed,I shower,make dinner catch a little tv b4 calling it a nite......tomorrow is another day.......hopefully better than the one I just had in a day and age when old movies are being remade I have ZERO desire to be the lead in "The Jericho Mile"......

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