Thursday, April 7, 2016

Super Nova

Anyone who knows me will tell you my love for Villanova runs I didn't go there{more's the pity!!} but IF I'd grown up in America w/ the same athletic talent I'd grown up w/ in London w/ in the late 70s I'd have wanted to go to Villanova......IF I had the money or the grades is probably another matter altogether but when do we allow reality to blur the lines of fantasy???
When I first saw Eamonn Coghlan run for Ireland at the 76 Montreal Olympics I became  a huge fan and through my hero worship of him I discovered Villanova,Jumbo Elliot and Ronnie Delaney and since then I've bled Wildcat you'll forgive me if I've spent the last few days w/ my chest out and my Peacock feathers in full bloom,NCAA Basketball Champions...........

Having sat out Tuesday it was back at it yesterday as I opted for a 14 miler around the whole Art Museum Loop to get me back on schedule for a 60 mpw.
Conditions were sunny and warm at 51 degs,but the ever present wind off the Schuylkill was noticable after I cross Falls Bridge from West River Dr onto Kelly Drive for the second seven miles.
It's been a while since I tackled the loop period,muchless on a week day but w/ himself no stranger to 12 or 13 milers on a weekday was 14 really that big of an ask???

As is my won't I ran sans watch as it's more about the miles than the pace but I was probably ballpark two hours and change 9 min mile pace over 14 miles would be 2.06.
Highlight of the run, just under 4 miles to go approaching Girard Ave bridge I spotted a runner coming towards me sporting a blue Villanova t shirt, I had worn my white Villanova Basketball shootaround drifit shirt.....we both smiled and nodded at one another and flashed the Villanova Victory V as we went about our runs........isn't being National Champions grand!!!!!!

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