Sunday, April 3, 2016

I've Started,So I'll Finish Thank You Very Much.....

Been a while since I last logged a  60 mpw.....and judging from the "clinically dead"  sensation from the knees down I'm presently feeling I can see why the feck that is....that said I'm happy to have my first 60mpw under my belt as I move forward.....albeit slowly towards my goals this Outdoor season.

Yesterdays planned 12 miler never got off the ground,I had a sleepless nite,it was raining and frankly the 48 miles from Tuesday thro Friday had taken somewhat of a toll,no biggie I had Sunday as my fall back day on tap.
Up around 9am I was lulled into a false sense of security by the bright sunshine coming thro my living window....the howling wind from the skylight window on my landing as I did my final achilles stretches should have warned yours truly what was waiting outside the front door......

Feck Me!! if I'd known it was gonna be this cold and that windy my gloves and Dublin knit hat may well have been dug out from the bottom of my running gear pile pre run.....thank jaysus my Spurs half zip top has long feckin' sleeves to cover my hands cos I think they might've frozen off out there this morning.

Yes I flunked General Science in High School and told them where to poke Chem,Physics,Biology for my final two years but answer me this  IF  the wind is in your face heading northbound along Kelly Drive SURELY when you turn around and head southbound it should at your back???????
The feck it is on Kelly Drive!!! there were Portajohns blown over on the  path out there this morning/lunchtime{I hope no bugger was trying to use them at the time!!!!!} and on at least three occasions I yelled to the running gods "yer feckin' joking aren't ya???" as the wind continued to be in my face,trust me at an age where crossing stuff of ye olde Bucket List is prevalent.....doing my best Mary Poppins impression is NOT  on said list!!!!

Mercifully I made it home in one piece and can log a 60 mile week in the books,more of the same next week beginning tomorrow I hope.....just not w/ that feckin' wind I hope!!

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