Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day! May Day!!

Ah the old adage "birds of a feather flock together" was seldom more true this morning,while the masses{40,000} gathered outside Albert Einstein Medical Center for the 2016 Broad St Run myself and my celtic brother Gerry O Hara met up outside The Inn At Penn to run together around the almost deserted Art Museum Loop.

Left to my own devices I might've fecked off the run,it was pissing down and my calves were shot following yesterdays repeats but having told Brother Gerald I'd meet him at 8.30am I couldn't or more's the point didn't want to be "that guy" who says "yeah yeah I'll run w/ you" and then bails.....those feckers get on my tits!!!!!!

As the self confessed "Poster Child" for The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner it's rare I run w/ fact the last time I shared a run was the last time Gerry was in town to visit his son and daughter who attend nearby University Of Penn back in late October.....I recall it being warmer and feckin' dryer that morning!!!!

Despite the rain....we'd call it a "soft morning" if we were back in the auld country Gerry and I went about our Sunday morning run w/ ease by runs end Gerry had 11 miles I had 13,giving me 32 miles for the week,not the 40 I had hoped for due to bailing on Thursday run but 0 to 32 after a fortnite on the DL is fine w/ me,plus 13 today will make Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursdays scheduled 12 milers that much easier.

No run tomorrow,calves and thighs have filed a protest for "chronic overuse" the last few days,Fado's is beckoning to me for the second half of a massive game for SPURS .....PLUS my running shoes may have dried off by Tuesday!!!!

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