Thursday, May 5, 2016

Reble W/ A Cause

Another 10 miler to keep me tickin' along to this weeks 50 mpw,an interesting evening as after a period of being on my best behavior the gloves came off w/ cyclysts,pedestrians and my always favourite motorists.

Maybe it's the residual anger w/ "Chav Central" or maybe I just have issue w/ people being complete and utter prats but when I stand and wait for the lights to change in my favour the last thing I need is you trying to take the turn to the on ramp to I 76 like fuckin Lewis Hamilton trying to make sure he's got pole position going into the first turn....
Surfice to say the C Bomb was flying around the junction of South St Bridge and I 76 as well as a index finger jesture that was NOT to let "plonker" know he was #1 in my book!!!!

I don't know maybe I take my Cork roots to heart,Irish history 101 Cork is known as the "Reble County" for it's stance against British Rule back in the day but having shown up at Penn Relays last Friday sans club warm up jacket and thus sticking out like a bulldogs bollocks in the photo after the race w/ my team mates and made a point of avoiding the line down in the storeroom for my uniform,it's one thing to work w/ these Chavs.....but you want me to dress like them also.......fuck off will ya....what's next? a lobotomy!!!!!

Here's to another 10 miler post work this evening,here's to not almost becoming some wankers hood ornament and here's to another day of listening to Spotifty on my phone to drown out the Chavs.....

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