Saturday, May 14, 2016

Confidence Boost....Check

It was once said of my hero Jimmy Connors he equated the loss of a tennis match to the loss of a tooth in a bar room brawl.....I feel the same way off the back of a bad race or bad repeat workout...... so following Sundays substandard Mo Farah Workout at Temple I headed to the friendlier confines of Haverford College this afternoon to try and correct last Sundays shit show.

Arrived at the track by 2.20pm and had it all to myself which  always makes me's not that I don't share well it's just that somethings in life are better all by your lonesome and for me track workouts are one such thing.
5 lap warm up complete into my flats and as "the auld fella" would say "time to let the dog see the rabbit"*
*I don't condone Rabbit hunting,tis only an expression #luvbunnies

A far cry from the piss poor 5.41.16 I opened w/ on Sunday but not quite the 5.13/5.20/5.24/5.21 my four prior opening miles have yielded

I believe it was Bob Dylan who sang "Idiot Wind" and the fecking wind around the top turn and up the home straight felt like it cost me a sub 4.00.....not that 4.00.15 sucks w/a closing 400m in 77 seconds!

Beginning to close in on that 3.12 range I had in January b4 the hiatus of all things repeat,not so much "softly softly catchy monkey" more "run run ye little fecker!!!!"

Oh!!!! negative splits,yeah,still working my way back to 2.30/2.32 territory but getting there...

Dec 30th=1.48.50-Jan 7th=1.49.10,how long b4 I'm back at sub 1.50???

Was thinking 68 would round out the workout nicely but here's my feckin' arm twist it....ok ok ok I'll take the 67.79!!!

Yes an improvement on Sundays times.....der!!! but to quote my former coach " there's alot more meat on that bone"
I race Monday so I'll forgo the Mo Farah Repeat next weekend but  the following 7 weekends....oh it's on like Donkey Kong!!!!

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