Friday, May 6, 2016

Three Tenners.....And One Fat Bastard

Another easy 10 miler in the log book last nite putting me at 30mpw for the week so far,providing I take care of business over the weekend  w/ my "Mo Farah" workout on the track Saturday and a Sunday long run around the Art Museum Loop at 14 miles I'll be looking at a 5 day/50mpw which is where I need to be right now.

Yesterday marked 11 days b4 my next race a "make or brake" 5,000m at Swarthmore College on May 16th and my first 12.5 on a track in almost 5 years,also yesterday was ten weeks to go till Outdoor Nationals in Grand Rapids Michigan.
Losing two weeks to the virial infection meant I have little or no leeway w/ my schedule  from here on in I need all my workouts despite how tired I might feel.

For the third day in a row it was grey and overcast out there around 4.30/4.40/4.50pm but at least dry as the temps ranged from 59 to 53 and back to 59,hard to believe it's May as it don't look or feel like it.....but come late July/August when I'm sweating my knackers off in the heat and humidity maybe I should remember these conditions yeah??

What's that old adage " once bitten,twice shy"? I made sure as I waited patiently at the junction of South St bridge and the on ramp to I 76 for the lights to be in MY favour that I didn't step off the curb......sure as a fat kid likes birthday cake some Mario Andretti type came whipping around the turn as the light had changed from red to green......funny how there's a sign next to said traffic lights that says No Turn On Red.........

And I wasn't done yet,5 blocks from home w/ the lights once again in my favour some fat fecker decides the "Pedestrains have the right of way" law needn't apply to me as he turned onto 45th St.....what the fuck tubby Crispy Crème about to sell the last donut you fat bastard?
"who ate all the pies? who ate all the pies? you fat bastard,you fat bastard,you ate all the pies"
Still at least I'm not picking on "Chav Central" for a change eh???

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