Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wise Head Old Legs

Even though it's almost 7 years since my coach and I went our separate ways there are still some elements of his influence on my day to day training.
One of GP's "pearls of wisdom" was "listen to your body" and what my body told me on Monday was my legs were still a tad shot,in general I was knackered and rather peckish so the prospect of a run period muchless a 12 miler seemed unlikely and w/ that I not only sat out Monday but forced a rewrite of my entire weeks schedule......and this kids is why we write said schedule in Pencil!!!!

Switching from a:12-12-10-10-6 Monday thro Thursday rest day Friday Repeats Saturday rest day Sunday to a: rest day 13-13-13-6-5 Tuesday thro Thursday rest day Friday Repeats Saturday  5 miles Sunday has it's up side
Following my repeats on Saturday I now have the opportunity to get an easy/shake out 5 miler in on Sunday to remove any residual gunk/crap from my legs b4 Mondays 5,000m at Swarthmore so all in all not the worst thing in the world.

Out the door by 4.30pm it was a mixture of grey skies and raindrops and sunshine trying to peer out from behind the clouds in 56 degree temps for my out and back along Kelly Drive almost to Falls Bridge.
I felt comfortable and relaxed and maintained a near metronomic 9 min mile pace as the 1.17 finish indicated,out by 4.30pm home by 6.27pm,more of the same again today and tomorrow would be nice,having officially "thrown my bandana into the ring" for Mondays Swarthmore Last Chance Meet everything I do this week is geared towards my first track 5,000m in almost five years

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