Saturday, May 7, 2016

What's That Orange Ball In The Sky?????

Stone the feckin' crows,after 12 days of either grey and overcast skies or poxy rain it was a pleasant change of pace to actually run in the sunshine this afternoon!!!!
I switched up my schedule at the last minute since a commute to Haverford,my "Mo Farah" repeat and commute back would take longer the the 2 hours it takes me to do the 14 mile Art Museum Loop,glass half empty I'll have to do my Mile,1,200m,1,000m,800m,600m,400m tomorrow on slightly tireder legs but at least getting out by 1.25pm and getting home by 3.25pm meant time to shower,get "suited & booted" and out by 4pm to hit my my favorite Starbucks to blog said run"the run ain't over till the blog's written kids!!!" b4 hoping another train to Glenside to catch Pat Benatar @ The Keswick tonite.

Not sure of the official temps at 1.25pm I did hear 62 degs last nite on the local news,feck me above 60.......the feck you say!
Pretty deserted out there today,fine by me,since it's Mother's Day Weekend here in America I guess they nixed a Rowing Regatta,it seems to be Regatta season on the Schuylkill from all the Rowing boats I see during the week and the pratt last Sunday who yelled at me and Gerry to "get off the path" as her crew were carrying said Rowing boat to wherever pissed me off,Rowing boats are for the river,runners run on the footpath,I understand when you're done said Rowing boat needs to be attached to a vehicle of some some sort to transport it but I'm fecked if I should have to run out in the street because somebody died and left you the feck in charge.......pause as I climb down from my soapbox....

No issues w/ the run,done deal,less traffic on the roads so less fear of becoming a "hood ornament" at the junction of South St bridge and the on ramp to I 76 and now that ye olde blog is posted it's off to The Keswick to "get my Pat Benatar on"

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