Friday, May 13, 2016

Less Is More/Going The Extra Mile

So,I sat out my scheduled 13 miler on Wednesday.....bad runner,shame shame!!!!! but I feel I have a valid reason......
The last thing I need going into Mondays 5,000m at Swarthmore is to show up "leggy" it's an important race to begin w/ my first track 5,000m in almost 5 years plus it's a collage meet meaning at 52 & 1/2 I'll be the "old man of the field" but given the 411 that came my way re a potential meet in June that's now very much  off the books I now need to rewrite my June race schedule.
Providing I can "handle my business" at Swarthmore Monday I'll not only have a seed time for Michigan for Nationals{now nine weeks away...single digits...gulp!!!} but potentially no need to run another 5,000m in June, I would like to go: 3,000m-800m-1,500m on June 14th,21st,28th as my final tune up races b4 Nationals kick off on July 14th so now Mondays race takes on more importance ergo the decision to cut back my training this week to 4days/40mpw......any other week I'd have put on my "big boy pants" and dealt w/ the leg weary issue but sometimes "less is more" even if that concept is alien to  most just isn't in our DNA but having laid off the miles in November I felt ready to "throw down for 6 weeks in December/early January at 50mpw b4 my four week race schedule and taper which resulted in two Silvers so..............

The plan yesterday was another 13 miler but mid run that altered, seems this weekend is the Dad Vail Regatta,the big daddy of Rowing ergo why they're setting up shit now not Friday.
Bad enough I'm weaving in and out of rowing boats being held above head height,there are tents on either side of the path and vehicals coming down the path.
"Jobsworth" in front of me slows,I can't swing wide right cos of the tents,can't swing wide left as there's an oncoming Jeep coming up the footpath on Kelly Dr so I slow....cue "Jobsworth" coming to a complete stop to rap w/ the driver of said Jeep and as he throws his right elbow back it clatters  himself square in the chest........the feck I was dealing w/ more of that so rather than turn at 6.5 miles b4 Falls Bridge I kept going and made it a 14 miler plus avoided the chance of being up b4 the Judge for turning "Jobsworth" into a human Popsicle w/ a rowing oar up his arse.......

The extra mile was neither here nor there I did a 14 miler Saturday so it's not like it was out of my wheelhouse even if when I normally do the whole leap I go counter clockwise up West River Dr down Kelly Dr,but the old adage "a change is as good as a rest" seemed applicable
Sunny and 71 degrees for a nice change of pace always good to work up a bit of a sweat out there.

Friday by default is a rest day it's my busiest day at work w/ skids and I seldom get out on time or close to it plus there's food shopping,need to eat well this weekend pre race so Stuffed Clams w/ Alfrado Fettuchini, Seafood Linguine and Steak & Chips w/ Peas & Mushrooms are on the menu,I'm also trying to up my water intake I drink water each day but always feel I could drink more w/ a 12.5 lap race on the  horizon getting ever close now feels like the time to hydrate.

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