Sunday, May 8, 2016

You Better Run

Not quite the repeat session I wanted but having "cut my cloth" to get my long run in Saturday so I could go out to Glenside last nite to enjoy the Pat Benatar Neil Geraldo gig{hence the title!!!} this morning I was up at 7am to have breakers and be out the door by 8am to get to my favourite "wateringhole" Fado's to cop the 8.30am Spurs Southampton game and then hit the track for my "Mo Farah" repeats
Having just missed the 11.05am Paoli train I had two options wait and hour for the next one OR hit "old faithful" Geasey Field at nearby Temple University which is what I ended up doing.

Arrived there by 11.40am and did my 5 lap warm up, a more or less deserted track which suited moi b4 switching into my flats to have at it

Kind of knew I was "up shits creek w/out a paddle" when I opened in 1.25 but did hope I could pull it back if not over the remainder of the mile at least the remaining 5 distances......

Any hopes of "turning this repeat around" evaporated when I opened in 1.26 but props on closing in 1.21.....a modicum of salvation

I already knew I was on for my slowest ever series of splits on this workout but rather than "mail it in" or worse yet quit  mid workout I kept plugging away

Technically even splits at 1.21/1.21 but I'm taking a negative split at 1.21/1.20.99.....feck it I need to take some positives from this workout eh?

At least I'd gotten a string of 1.21 400m splits on a day when I wasn't firing on all cylinders

"Kitchen sink" time,threw what little I had into my final repeat and ran faster than the 70.12 I ran last week

Ok a few observations here,DON'T attempt a workout off the back of a 14 mile run,but credit where credit's due after the mile and the opening lap of the 1,200m I could've been forgiven for running up the white flag.....I didn't I kept going and while my splits/overall times are feck all to blog or "write home" about the glass half full aspect here is even on tired legs I kept going and didn't "check out mentally" this will come in useful somewhere down the road I believe


Truthbetold said...

Are your 400/etc times splits or a single 400/etc with rest intervals?
Kevin Kelly O'Brien

kevin f forde said...

Kev my 400/200m times are splits not 400m w/ rest intervals