Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Running Away From Chav Central

A few years ago on one of my sister  Lynn's visits to Philly she seemed  amused that the Broad St Run began at Einstien and ended at the Naval Yard "surely it should be the other way round" said my big sis who it has to be said the least athletic of me and my siblings,this the same person who said the day b4 my second New York City marathon "oh take a taxi for god's sake it'll be easier!!!"
If like me she had the misfortune to work at "Chav Central" like I do she'd fully understand the desire to run away from here not towards it!!!!!

So I took Friday off to run Penn Relays,not an unreasonable request period but when you're anchoring your teams 4x400m relays at 7.25am the last thing you need is to be up at 5.09am and putting in a full day of putting skids away which has been known to take until 4.45pm/5.30pm in recent weeks yeah?????

I returnerd to work Monday to not only find eight skids not put away but a bunch of skids "cherry picked" in the back of the "oh this is misc shit,I don't feel like looking for it on the shelf...feck it I'll leave it till he comes in on Monday to do it"!!!!!!
Then there came the finger pointing when I raised cain as to why the shit wasn't done "oh Chris screwed us he didn't bring skids down"......knob,knob,knob,wank,wank,wank,wank I've heard it all  b4 my bone of contention is how is I can stay late and or work thro my lunch to get ALL of Friday's skids away week in week out but you feckers can't??????

Surfice to say the atmosphere down in the storeroom since Monday has been fraught,I guess these feckers thought I was going to work through my lunch hour Monday and or stay late to get the skids from Friday and Monday thought wrong dip shits!!!! I took lunch and left on time Monday leaving three skids behind and while yesterday I got everything put away by staying half an hour late you can bet as I head down to "Chav Central" now it'll be w/ my earbuds in and not a feckin' word to them.........

Trust me last nites easy 10 milers did wonders to "taking the edge off"......but these dumb arses don't know that do they............. as they're the same arseholes who couldn't be bothered to ask how I did at Penn Relays...........
This just in I've been offered a position in OBGYN......that's ok I already work w/ a bunch of "see you next Tuesdays" to begin w/........yeah I went there!

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