Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Going For The One{1,000m}

Another easy 5 miler to keep things ticking along heading into tomorrow nites crack at lowering my 1,000m pr/club record at The Armory in New York City.
It's funny to think that given the  number of 1,000m repeats I've done since they became a staple in my repeats rotation back in 2010{I don't think I did them b4 then} I've only raced the 1,000m once and that was two years ago also at The Armory where I logged a 2.59.61 in my 2014 season debut.
If by default both pr and club record fell my way that nite then so be it but hopefully tomorrow nite I can make both marks more respectable.

I'm hoping to clock 35s per lap to put myself in a position to clock a 2.55,based on my opening three laps Saturday at Cornell where I clocked 35s it's doable but we'll wait and see what tomorrow nite brings.
As for today things were nice and easy and by easy I mean 9 minute mile pace,no need to do anything more so close to my race.
Conditions underfoot were favourable again but once again even though I only planned on running 5 miles there was still caution tape across the Schuylkill Banks at the Walnut St bridge.......this poses an issue for Friday and Saturdays 11 miler but lets get tomorrow nite out of the way first b4 worrying about those runs.

Late Breaking News!!!!!!!!! A Captain Feckin' Obvious sighting!!!!!!!!!!
Just when it looked that the good captain had hung up his cape this bonehead move,4.55pm in the evening,broad daylight I get to the lights at 37th and Spruce and wait a good minute for the lights to turn in my favour....I finally get the light and whoosh!!! here goes this bellend blazing through a red light on his bike, he had to have seen the lights changing........
"It's a feckin' red light wanker!!!!" complete w/ wanker hand gesture from the Good Captain.........
Welcome back Captain,how ye have been missed!!!!!!!

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