Tuesday, January 26, 2016

When Life Gives You Lemons......

So it turns out yesterdays 5 miler might be a blessing after all.....
The original game plan for  the week was :9-9-9-4-14=45 however that fell by the wayside when I could only get to the 2.5 mile mark yesterday but as it turns out Saturday is "in play" this week which I didn't originally factored in so now I can potentially go:5-5-5-4-13-13 and not only get my 45mpw in but also save my legs for Thursdays 1,000m @ The Armory a win win and  maybe I can modify this schedule next week b4 my final race of "Phase Two as I plan to go for an 800m next Thursday.

After a less than stellar start to my work day....cliff notes: the "powers that be" called everyone in to the Storeroom over the weekend due to the blizzard so instead of a staff of three there was now a full or near to full staff....upshot yesterday instead of a full staff only two people on the schedule and I was off on account of having gone to Ithaca over the weekend so not only was I not available to bring skids down/put them away.....nobody put skids away on top of which they went ahead and ordered more skids today.....so on top of the dozen skids from yesterday already sitting idle in the storeroom I then had an additional fiveteen to bring down today....yep twenty seven skids!!!!!
Knocking out twenty three of them was if I say so myself quite a fait a compli and frankly this afternoons 5 mile run felt somewhat cathartic....I may've burnt thro some residual anger after lunch listening to The Pogues "If I Should Fall From Grace W/ God" also.....

As for the run,conditions under foot were more "user friendly" today than yesterday ie I was able to wear regular running shoes not work boots!!
Another plus of it only being a "stretch of the legs five miler" was I was out the door by 4.20pm and back indoors by 5.04pm while it was still daylight which allowed visibility to be better than  what it would've been had I gone for a 9 miler and the closing 3 miles in the dark.

More of the same on the run tomorrow would be nice....but  not w/ the skids at 6.45am please!!!!

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