Friday, January 29, 2016

Earning My Corn {Beef} In NYC

Thursday Nite @ The Races 1.9.14 1,000m 2.59.61
Thursday Nite @ The Races 1.28.16 1,000m 2.48.00        

Yeah,so that happened!!!!!!
W/ the dust still settling from last nites epic 11 second demolishion of my previous best over the 1,000m you'll have to forgive me if I'm still in a state of....."feckin' gobsmacked"  mode......
I though maybe running in the region of 2.55 at 35 secs per split was doable what I got was splits of:34.25-33.48-33.59-33.87-32.81 on route to not only a new pr/club record but also my first victory on the track in 17 months{winning the 800m at the 2015 GPTC Track Pentathlon}.

I did goof in the respect of my seed time,I meant to post 2.55 but posted 2.59 that said I would still have ended up in heat #3 last nite.
The omens were good in the lead up low mileage {15 miles} plus a stress free day at work all contributed to my performance.
Seeded #9 in heat three only eight of us "toed the line" w/ myself and two others moved up to the second line at the start in the outer lanes,this may have been to my benefit....
W/ a good reaction to the gun I followed the runner to my right and as we broke at the top of the back straight when the field merged I found myself moving  towards the front of the field and said "feck it".....
34.25 at 200m I was curious to see how this would hold up and proceeded to drop a 33.48 second lap for 67.64 at 400m
I have no idea how close the field was behind me I tend not to look back during races{a habit I didn't stick to at Outdoor Nationals it has to be said...but that is another story!}

1.41.15 at 600m off another 33 second split 33.59 I had "open track" ahead of me and a sense not only was my 17 month winless drought about to end but I was about to "beat the bejaysus" out of my previous best.
2.15.18 at the bell I closed in 32.81 for a 2.47.99 that was rounded up to 2.48.00.....whatever!
Clearly 2.12 next week for the 800m is not unrealistic and while I won't be able to get away w/ 5 mile days Mon Tue Wed{I'm thinking 9 8 8} I hope another "easy work day" will aid and abet that period but given a rather dramatic subplot that has surfaced I could potentially be even more fired up than I was last nite.......

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