Thursday, January 14, 2016

Believe Me Eight Was Enough.....

Easy 8 miler to essentially have ones cake and eat it keep my 50 mpw intact but also not over do it the nite b4 my 2016 season opener.
Frankly I was glad it was only an eight miler when I discovered at mile 5 that the temps were a mere 26 degrees.......#fackinada

I knew it was cold having frozen  on the loading dock all day at work prior to heading home and out the door by 4.25pm but I didn't realize it was  that cold.....ignorance is bliss so they say and maybe  if I'd checked the temps b4 leaving work or getting home I might've baulked at the prospect of a run,kudos to "himself" for having the balls to get out there and run.......though at 26 degrees there's every chance I may've frozen them off last nite!!!!

The proverbial "catch 22" it was feckin' cold and not a nite for "dilly dallying" but also just over 24 hours b4 a race I couldn't be burning up fuel that will be required over 8 laps of the track at The Armory this evening so I settled for 8 min mile pace and was back home by 5.45pm,hot shower and even hotter mug of Hot Cider very much the  first order of business.

At least tonite I'll be in the friendly confinds of The Armory where it's possible I may work up/ break a sweat.......what a novel concept in mid January.......

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