Saturday, January 30, 2016

Move On Up

I won't divulge why I didn't run yesterday I will say there were bigger issues on my plate to handle,now that they have been I can say I was now in a position to "handle my business" today and tomorrow and have my 45mpw......

Thanks to a 7.45am kick off for my beloved Spurs I was in a position to get out and run early this morning and after a recon mission to the nearby Shop N Bag to get "madam" her Cat Nip flavoured Cat treats{feckin spoilt rotten that cat!!! no wonder I call her Precious Reiley cos she lives the feckin Life Of Reiley!!!} I was changed,stretched and out the door by 10.40am
That 5 mile group run last Sunday morning in Ithaca was beginning to look and feel more prudent now,after back to back to back 5 milers and then a warm up,race,cool down of 4 miles on Thursday I was at 19 miles........don't take a "mathlete" to figure 19 +26=45 the only issue was either 12/14 or 13/13..........
I opted for 13/13 as it's a back to back I've done a few times.

Not sure of the "official" temps between 10.40 am - 12.35pm but I'd guess mid to high 30's,low 40s mild enough to cast aside the "Nanook Of The North" look, Dublin knit hat,gloves,Spurs half zip short sleeve Spurs training shirt,running tights,three quarter length Spurs bottoms,socks,thankfully mild enough for only one pair of gloves and socks today.
The "currant bun" was out so shades it was,a week removed from last weeks blizzard there is still some residual snow and ice around and the sun glare off it could be blinding so shades it was.

Mercifully the Schuylkill Banks were up and fully operational today after a few days of being closed off at Walnut St,I was however prepared to"go around the houses" if need be low mileage was ok Monday thro Wednesday but I had to log 13 today.
To that end it was a bit of a "shock to the system" after four 5 milers to suddenly wack my mileage back up to double digit figures but in fairness I'm only 10 days removed from my last 12 miler and 9 days removed from a 10 miler.

There is something about a longer run,given I was out there for a good hour and fifty five mins it allowed me ample time to think about this,that and the other just himself and his thoughts and a long road underfoot you get time to think about whatever you want/need to w/out too many distractions.
Aside from the section just after Columbia bridge that hasn't been shoveled{ya dirty feckers!!!} it was smooth sailing underfoot,at least on my way back towards Columbia bridge I knew what to expect.
Home by 1.35pm,13 miles down,13 to go tomorrow as Phase 2 of my prep for Indoor Nationals enters into it's fourth and final week next week.

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