Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thieves,Blagards And Scroundrels

Apologies for not setting the blogasphere alight sofar this month.....seems someone told the weather gods September is the new April!!!!
I probably could've gotten in a run on Tuesday I might've gotten caught in the final mile w/ a downpour but better the final mile of a six miler than the opening mile,but given I was "housebound" all weekend the siren call of the laundromat was calling on Tuesday,personally I feel clean clothes are underrated and while no slave to fashion{have you seen my wardrobe??!!} "Hobo Chic" is NOT the fall look I'm trying to capture so "fluff and fold" won out over a run Tuesday!!!

One plus of being stuck indoors all weekend was a chance to put my feet up and watch tv and catch up w/ my dvr,the new fall season is about to kick off so said dvr will be working overtime.
Once again the chaps at BBC America have produced another fine televisual feast this time in the guise of "Copper"
Set in Five Points New York City in 1864 just after the Civil War the show centers around one of "New York's finest" Kevin Cocoran as he tries to uphold the law and also try to unravel the mystery of who murdered his daughter and where his missing wife is,the plot thickens w/ each episode and w/out wishing to give too much away you'll love the outcome of episode two when "Corky" dishes out his own unique brand of justice......

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