Friday, September 4, 2015

Eight Is Enough Parts I & II

After back to back 9 milers Monday & Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday saw back to back 8 milers or as I lovingly refered to it "less miles,same godamn heat!!"
Seriously 92 degrees in friggin' September?!!!!

I shouldn't grumble too much,by months end we could be down to the low 80s and so on and so forth come November when 50 degrees is a high I'll yearn for hot Summer days I'm sure.
That said I shead a ton of sweat again on these two runs,so much so my post run Smoothie of 32 oz that I normally only drink half of on a regular day was now getting cained to fuck!

I won't lie my legs have felt a little shot this week,maybe the heat,maybe the fact I'm a week away from ending my season or maybe a combination of both,either way next week is another "week nine" ergo a week off for yours truly one of the reasons I've pushed the mileage envelope a tad early this week{seriously why else run 9 miles the day after the Track Pentathlon?} was so that come Saturdays repeat session{ a rather ambitious one I hasten to'll have to check in afterwards to see what it was!} I can have a whole seven days rest b4 tackling 5th Avenue Mile.

34 miles down,6 to go......

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