Friday, September 25, 2015

Putting The Boss Into Big Boss Groove

So,reluctantly I sat out Wednesday,my butt was draggin' having got to bed at 12.30am and up again by 5.09am and the prospect of my arse cheeks scraping the asphalt behind me along the Schuylkill Banks/Kelly Dr over 10 or 13 miles wasn't a big selling point but also being "Hank Marvin" came into play and frankly the prospect of  being out for  over two hours when my stomuch felt as if my throat had been cut didn't help any either.
So taking a leaf out of my former coaches playbook "listen to what your body is telling you" I sat it out,no point making myself sick for the sake of "being principled" if it comes back to bite in the arse Saturday so be it.....

Last nite however I handled my business like a boss, 13 miler out and back to almost Falls Bridge in blue skies it was as beautiful as it sounds,having gone thwe short sleeve route Monday and Tuesday it felt good to be back in sleeveless and shades mode plus bandana not baseball cap mode.
Passed a couple of my teamates early on along Schuylkill Banks Professor Clark and Doctor Harbison always nice to see a friendly face out on my runs.

Again an untimed run,again felt good over the closing miles unlike last weekend over 12 and 14 miles which bodes well for tonites repeat 13 miler and next weeks return to more conventional week w/ a 12/14 split Saturday and Sunday.
32 down 23 to go.......

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