Friday, September 18, 2015

Easy Tiger! Easy Miles!!

After back to back 10 milers Monday and Tuesday I opted for a rest day Wednesday more due to "technical issues" than running issues b4 resuming yesterday w/ a 9 miler.
It would've been easier to have opened w/ a 9 miler and then go 10/10 but you know me I like to dance to the beat of my own drum,ergo why I didn't go 10,10,10,that would've been more streamline/uniform but by going 9,10,10 or 10,10,9 or even 10,9,10 I can throw in a 12 miler Saturday which in turn makes Sundays return to the realm of Sunday long runs over 14 miles a tad easier.....see method,madness!!!

Continued to enjoy the weather,running in September is always a delight Peco Tower didn't display the temps again but my guess was mid 80s and sunny,gonna ride this train as long as I can,there will come a time to ditch the Three S's {Shades,Sleeveless,Shorts} but not just yet so working on my tan lines it is till late October I guess!!

Nothing out of the ordinary to report just a man alone w/ his thoughts enjoying the weather,pretty basic really but somedays that in of it's self is enough of a reward, lets see what the weekends 12 and 14 milers yield?

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