Saturday, September 26, 2015

Magical Mystery Tour

Ok so I nixed yesterdays run,by the time I'd taken care of grocery shopping it was 5.40pm.....not too late to knock out a swift 10 miler but yet again "Hank Marvin" put in an unwanted apperarence.......fecker!!!
It dawned on me since last Saturday I,ve logged 58 miles so the fact my stomuch is telling me "yo we need more fuel for the engine if your hell bent on logged these extra miles" should come as no surprize....
It's always easier to remedy a problem if you know what it is to begin w/ so I'll make sure I start eating more during the day to combat this and fingers crossed "Hank Marvin" will piss off and leave me alone next week!!!!!!!

Up by 9.45am this morning made rosey and a few breakfast sandwiches to "fuel up" for my run.....and then jigged around the living room as Spurs spanked Man City 4.1........#JAMESJOYCE    rejoice.
Feckers have owned us the past few seasons so I'll take this one,Kane off the snide nice,Coco Lamela man of the match and a standing ovation when he came off     C,mon You Spurs!!!!!!

W/ the Pope in Philly for the weekend I had no idea what roads would or wouldn't be open which is why I had hoped to "handle my business" b4 the weekend....till "Hank Marvin" bollocked that up for me......"Hank Marvin" is the devil????? maybe!!!
Anywho blessed w/ a keen sence of direction and a former Boy Scout{dib,dib dib!!!!} I figured heading over towards Fairmount Park and Belmont Plateau was the  way to go,using my stop watch as my guide and 10 mins per mile as my template a 2 hour 10 min run would be worth 13 miles....worked for me.
Gotta say maybe it was the change of enviroment today but I could see my Sunday long runs being up on Fairmount Park/Belmont Plateau from now on,don't get me wrong the Art Museum Loop is great but grass/trail to run on hills to work up and down felt like a nice change....maybe a metaphor as little by little the old way of doing things feels it's being washed away and replaced w/ a new attitude and new outlook on life which trickles into my running.

Ended up w/ a 2 hour 20 min run.....feck it I'm putting that down as a 14 miler which means a 90 min 9 miler tomorrow back up on Belmont Plateau will give me a second 5 day/55mpw.......Kev tested Pope approved!

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