Monday, September 28, 2015

Sunday Morning Call

While the masses were......having mass on the Parkway w/ Pope Francis I took care of my easy 9 miler to round out my second fifty five mile week of "off season training" two down four to go!

Once again elected to go the Powelton Ave/Mantua route to 34th St and past the Philadelphia Zoo and over to Fairmount Park,by the time I reached Belmont Plateau I had 42 mins on the watch,so once around the outside loop and up Flagpole gave me 45 mins and w/ that I headed back the way I came to give me the requisit 90 mins I needed to take care of things.
On my way back towards the Zoo I ran into my friend and team mate Sean{Doctor Harbison to you!} normally I bump into "the good doctor" along the Schuylkill Banks/Kelly Dr so we stopped and joked about having to switch up our routine to accomodate the Papel visit this weekend.

I do plan to make Fairmount Park/Belmont part of my Sunday long run from next weekend,change is good and while I'm not someone who "embraces change" in the past I'm learning that the "olde way" I have clung onto in the past almost like a life preserver needs to be "tweaked" oh so slightly and I do so willingly as I'm slowly coming to the realization that "life as I knew it for so long" is thankfully changing and for the better.
Part of this six week "off season" is to get six weeks of 55 mile weeks under my belt and build a solid base to work on come the end of October once I resume 40mpw w/ two visits to the track,next season marks the 40th anniversary of my debut as a track runner in my freshman year in high school,what I won't give to have a banner year on the track to mark that landmark so if that means some blood,sweat and tears now to make myself ready so be it,the 2015 season was ok,could've been better,could've been worse I made mistakes that I feel I learnt from and if you've ever seen a junk yard dog barking and nashing it's teeth at an intruder then you've seen me as I prepare for the 2016's sooooo on!!!!

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