Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Easy 6 miler last nite,why only 6 miles you ask?????
Given the opportunity to "be out on a school nite" to see Jesus & Mary Chain at Union Transfer last night I had two options,no run or low milage.....factor in the Pope's visit to Philly this weekend meant not running last night wasn't an option so 6 miles it was.

Having ran a series of 9,10,12,14 and 13 milers of late dropping back down to 6 was a somewhat shock to the system but in a good way.....the bigger shock will be going back up to 10 or 13 tonite!
Conditions were grey and overcast again,so again I opted for my white Spurs short sleeve Under Armour dri fit shirt.....which goes rather well w/ my blue Spurs baseball know in case it rains while I'm running,  along w/ my blue Under Armour Spurs shorts and white socks I feel it's safe to say whos mast my colours are nailed to!!

Since time was somewhat of an issue I was on the road a tad earlier than I have been of late,it's funny how times have changed,a few years ago I could've gone 10 miles,showered,eaten a quick dinner and gotten to the gig in time to catch the headliner cos I was going by myself.......these days I have friends and a loved one who I  prefer to see pre show for a meal and a drink then enjoy the show w/........I can still get my miles in this week and have my "cake and eat it so to speak"......#lifeisgood

6 miles done,tonite might be a grind over 10 or 13 miles depending how I feel when I get out there but last nites show was worth it,I'll lose a few hours sleep for a good concert,and even more for making it  memorable night YOLO You Only Live Once so why not make the most of it?

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