Sunday, April 1, 2018

No Rest

Four o clock in the morning,still we cannot sleep,turning over turning round, twisting in our sweat they say there is no rest for the wicked ones dear God what is this evil that we must've done?

No Rest- New Model Army

Seldom one to rest on my laurels it was back at it this week following my Love Run half marathon success last Sunday.....there is after all a race on the horizon in less than a weeks time{Hot Chocolate 15K} and time it is said waits for no man.......not even a Pale Kenyan!!!
I was astute enough to know a half marathon followed by a 7 a side football game Sunday meant even though I had Monday off work I should also consider Monday a day off from training also,sometimes it's not what you do on your days off but what you don't do.....

Tue Mar 27th 12 Mile Recovery Run
Won't lie my upper thighs were still a tad sore from Sunday but figured what better way to get any residual crap out of my legs than running?
Easy 12 miler out and back along Kelly Dr,pretty soon my midweek runs are getting bumped up to 13 miles as I aim to start churning out hopefully 5day/60mpw training
If I thought I could ditch my Running Tights,Thermal Hat & Gloves I got a rude awakening out there this afternoon being sans gloves but I do hope ye olde Running Tights have been packed away till late November/early December

Thursday Mar 29th 8 Mile Tempo Run
Wednesdays rain scuppered any hopes of a Wed Tempo/Thur Recovery run combo,as Mick and Co once sang " you can't always get what you want but you'll find sometimes you get what you need"???
Knowing my previous Tempo Run was conducted on a weekend....when I'm NOT getting up at 4.45am and putting in a full day at work I knew going in that Mar 17ths time of 56.21 was probably not realistic.....that said I was going to give it my all otherwise what was the point?
A sunny warm 67 degree afternoon as I made my way counter clockwise up Kelly Dr,over Falls bridge,down W. River Dr and finishing in front of the Art Museum steps
My splits were"6.28-7.10-7.13-7.31-7.27-7.30-7.45-7.24 for a 58.29 off of 7.18 mile pace
Yes I'm disappointed w/ that....but not the effort and as the weeks go by and a midweek Tempo Run becomes part of my weekly agenda I hope to lower that time

Sunday Apr 1st 13 Easy Run
Sadly Saturdays run was a non starter but not because I wasn't ready,willing and able to "throw down" but because I answered the call of Overtime at work,I still need to book a return flight from Indy for my May 5th race and the $200 entry fee for San Francisco still needs paying.....and evidently Monopoly Money and or Shirt Buttons are NOT considered "legal tender" so Commerce won out over a training run......that said I was up at 7am and out the door by 7.30am this morning to "handle my business"
There is a certain satisfaction that comes from getting up early,getting the miles in by 9.20am and having the whole of my day to do whatever needs doing.
Since Saturday wasn't a go my March tally of miles was 123,5 miles down on the 128 I logged in Feb but "fingers crossed"w/ better weather to come I see no reason why weekly 60mpw totals don't flow in April.
Saturdays race looms large on the horizon which is why I'd prefer Wednesday this week for my Tempo Run,having earnt an age group award at the Love Run 1/2 another at the Hot Chocolate 15K would be nice,sure you gotta put the work in first but as Anthony Joshua said post fight last nite "No Risk,No Reward"....

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