Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The 10% Rule

Well sports fans,at the risk of putting the cart b4 the horse it looks like I could be back training by weeks end.
Thanks largely to my physical therapist Jenn the tendonitis in my right achilles has been greatly reduced in our twice weekly sessions since  July 8th,and at the risk of tooting my horn.....phrasing!!!! since I've made sure to do my own stretches daily i now find myself on the verge of being able to resume training.

Seemingly the acid test was running again,could I do it pain free and at Jenn's instruction I ran a mile on Sunday,my first run since May 22nd and came throught it pain free....achilles wise I was winded as fuck!!!
Using the time honoured "10 % Rule" Jenn wants me to increase my mileage by 10% as not to overload the achilles but judging from Sundays mile it'll be wise to gradually increase my mileage a half mile at a time.
Fingers crossed 1.5 miles tonite followed by 2 miles tomorrow and then what could be my last therapy session Thursday,if all goes to plan a 2.5 miler afterwards b4 tackling 3 and 3.5 over the weekend and so on and so forth next week till I gradually make my way up to 8 miles which will be my distance du jour once I'm fully fit,Rome wasn't built in a day and having sat out the last two months I'm in no hurry to ride the pine again anytime soon.....

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