Monday, August 5, 2013

From Little Acorns.....

I don't know about from zero to sixty but I did manage to go from one mile the week b4 last to nine mile last week......granted hardly anything to write home about muchless blog but more importantly I ran 4 times last week the most I've managed in the last two months.
Following Jenn's "10% Rule" last Monday I've increased my mileage at half mile increments,1.5 on Tuesday,2 miles on Tuesday,2.5 on Saturday and 3 miles yesterday.....hence my nine mile week.
Saturdays 2.5 loop around trusty Clark Park was my first Saturday run since late May,I look forward to adding more to the mix as weeks and months pass.

A pleasent surprise upon my return home was a phone message from Chuck at GPTC,he was happy to see me back running again and asked if I'd be willing to run for the club at the upcoming Masters XC C'ships at Dear Park Path on Oct 20th.
It's nice to know I haven't been forgotten about in my "Napoleon" phase between my down time and then injury this year has felt like being exiled in Corsica and if my resumption in training dectates maybe come October I'll dip my toes in the competitive waters again,sadly since I neglected to renew my USATF membership at the start of the year I'm not eligable for the Dear Park Path race,more's the pity I've had success on the 8k xc course in the recent past but I'll have to sit this one out.

I would like to race again,I haven't been competitive since last summers Masters Nationals in Lisle exactly a year ago and while I did run in Syracuse at the Masters Nationals Road Race 5k and Kentucky Masters Nationals 10K XC C'ships in September and December the key word was competitive I hardly covered my self in glory in either race but for now getting my wheels back under me and continuing to treat my achilles w/ a lot of TLC is clutch,if come October the urge to race becomes to great maybe I'll jump into a local xc or 5k road race to test the waters,till then it's the "10 % Rule" and a 3.5 run on tap this afternoon.

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