Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Following on from Sundays mile repeats it was time to revisit the "road more travelled" aka the Schuylkill Banks for 6.5 and 7 miles on Monday and Tuesday.
After over ten years of being an Asics man I've switched to Adidas in late November I bought a pair of Adidas Climacools and was satisified w/ them enough to spring for  the pictured above Adidas Crazy Fast and must say I'm really pleased w/ them.
It's possible I'll stick w/ Saucony for my flats whenever I feel comfortable enough to return to flats for my repeats for now w/ my achilles still a little tender I'll lean towards my regular running shoes as I "nurse" my way back into the full flow of things.
It's possible I may also switch my spikes my Saucony Killkennys have given me years of great service but it may be time to make the switch to Nike Zooms.

As for both my runs I eased my way through both it felt good to be back on the Schuylkill Banks again after a few months away and w/ temps of 85 and 82 degs I had to double check the calendar that it was August,normally in Philly in mid August you can expect the temps to be in the mid to high 90s w/ the humidity kickin' in to boot.....never look a gift horse in the mouth they say!
Had to keep the time honoured "No Pissing Contests" mindset very much front and center,way too soon to be mixing it up w/ any would be challengers out there that said on Monday when I was very cognizant of someone hard on my heals I did adopt a "thou shall not pass" mindset and kept my would be overtaker at bay....yea for small victories!!!
Of course one day in running can seem like a lifetime,yesterday on the way down Spruce St and over the South St bridge and into Schuylkill Bank Park I went back and forth w/ a female Penn runner{she had a Penn University vest on so I took that as a Penn student.....I've been known to sport Villanova tshirts etc and I've NEVER set foot inside the school.....}anyway just after the last of the overhead bridges b4 reaching the Art Museum she went by me.....even if I wanted to stay w/ her I couldn't,last I saw of her was her back meters ahead of me on Kelly Drive as she speed off into the distance.......patience grasshopper!!!

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