Monday, August 19, 2013

Light Years From Home

Following on from last weeks reasonable repeats of 4x1 mile I believed in my heart of hearts that a reasonnable set of 5x1,000m repeats were w/in my wheelhouse.......that old expression of "theory and practise being a horse of a different colour" was about to coming crashing through loud and clear!!!!
Prehaps the writing was on the wall when refering to my note book where I log all my repeats I discovered my last set of 5x1,000m repeats was July 10th.....of 2012,w/ hindsight maybe I should've backed off of my 1.20,1.20,35 =3.15 predictions.......

#1 1,000m
As is my won't more often than not no matter what the repeat is my opener went off at a brisk clip although I'd liked to have seen a more respectable closing 200m still 3.20 not a bad start.......

#2 1000m
B4 I even came through the opening 400m I knew I was running slower than the pervious repeat{shades of last weeks mile repeats}and the heaviness in my legs from the upping of my mileage was evident.

#3 1,000m
Suddenly my 3.15 bravardo was looking somewhat foolhardy.maybe 3.30 would've been more realistic.....even so 3.45.4 would have been slow

#4 1,000m
Sometimes being stubborn and headstrong can work to your advantage.....and that's why I didn't step off the track and throw my hands up in the air after another slow repeat,no matter how bad it is I'll always see the repeat through to the bitter end

#5 1,000m
At least I didn't "mail it in" and went for it rather than kick like a mule over the final 200m and try to say "wow did you see how fast my closing 200m was".....frankly that's like putting lipstick on a pig!

Ok so nowhere near where I was aiming for but maybe{and not for either the first or last time}I set the bar too high for myself this time out,come Sept 15th when I revisit 5X1,000m I'll be looking to redress the balance.

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