Friday, August 9, 2013

Five Live....But Only Just....

I've often said that running is a lot like life and in running as in life sometimes you need to be humbled in order to keep ones feet firmly planted on the ground......yep a big ole slice of Humble Pie for yours truly yesterday afternoon.....YUM!!!!

I don't think it was any one thing that lead to my struggle w/ 5 miles yesterday more like a combination of things, running six days in a row for starters....when did I last do that?thinking that I had it "sussed" having gone through 3.5,4 and 4.5 miles the last three days w/out a concern or care and also largely due to the dramatic spike in humidity humid was it you ask? I'm willing to bet the house my socks,compression shorts,running shorts,bandanna and laughingly dri fit sleeveless running shirt are still soaked on the back of the closet door!!!!
In the case of the latter I'm partly responsible for not doing enough to counter that,earlier in the year in April and May I made the effort to drink at least 32 oz of water a day b4 my run to make sure I didn't get dehydrated but then the tendonitis kicked in and I wasn't running for two months....and the need to drink said 32oz of water a day fell by the way side......after yesterdays harsh reminder I'm willing to "drink a pint and piss a gallon" if need be to not suffer like I did lopping around Clark Park.

If it's Thursday on Clark Park that means the local Farmers Market is on the sidewalk on 44th st between Baltimore and Chester Avenues not that I have amy issue w/ local farmers or the Armish but it does mean having to weave in and out of onlookers but given my lack of speed at this stage of my return to training it's hardly the end of the world,fingers crossed come next week I'll be back on the out and back along the Schuylkill Banks.
By the third of five loops it was clear any thoughts of "mailing it in" were out the window,whatever consumate ease I had weaved to cover 3.5,4 and 4.5 loops Monday through Wednesday was a now distant memory as I had to dig deep to make sure I remained on pace for the week.

Even though I stated earlier this week I have no races planned and therefore no rush to be back up and running anytime soon I would like to stay on pace for my gradual increase from 1 mile to 8 miles w/ half mile increments and a blown run today while hardly the end of the world would mean having to revisit 5 miles on Saturday and then having to opt for either a 5.5 miler Sunday or leap from 5 to 6 miles in order to resume my repeats w/  my 4x1 mile w/ a mile warm up and cool down eitherside.....that and the prospect of also having to walk home from Clark Park if I "bonked" was enough to keep me upwardly mobile!!
In some respects I'm glad this run was a little tougher than I antisipated,it not only forces me to drink more water during the day but also keeps me humble and grounded that there's work to be done over the coming weeks and months and thinking it'll all be plain sailing is dangerous thinking just now.

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