Thursday, August 8, 2013

Falling Back Into Old Habbits........

Couldn't resist an Alf Tupper reference he was a British comic book character in a strip known as "The Tough Of The Track" and at a time when I'm about to return to weekly intrervals on the track summoning up my inner Alf Tupper seemed like a good idea!!
Everything I've done this week and continue to do is leading up to Sundays return to the track for repeats, the time honoured 4x1 mile repeats,an oldie but a goldie and to be followed over the coming weeks w/ 5x1,000m,8x200m/300m/200m and 6x600m repeats.

I'm under no illusions that the first of each of these will stink to high heaven but the "Donkey's Carrot" so to speak is the prospect of revisting each repeat over the coming months and hopefully seeing an improvement in my overall times,I've been running track long enough to know that speed begats speed and the only way to hone my craft to be "in the mix" over 800m/1,500m and the mile next season is to throw the kitchen sink at my weekly repeats like they're the Olympic trials,No Guts No Glory!!

Little by little things are falling into place last nites 4.5 miler went by w/out incident,I've now ran 5 days in a row since Saturdays 2.5 miler something I haven't done for a while which pleases me if I can take care of business tonite over 5 miles I'll have set things up for the weekend a 5.5 miler Saturday b4 Sundays return to the track.
W/ Worlds about to commence Saturday in Moscow I'm primed and ready to absorb as much track and field on tv as I can,I've been making a dent in my list of Diamond League meets on my dvr of late,being able to watch world class athletes do what they do always motivates me and even though some notable names will be missing I'll be glued to the tv for eight days as the 14th edition of the IAAF World Athletics C'ships unfolds.

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