Friday, August 30, 2013

Playing The Long Game On A Short Week

It was always going to feel like I was "swimming against the tide" this week to get a 5 day/40mpw in and having to sit out Monday w/ sore calves meant the "window of opportunity" had just gotten smaller and then when taking Friday off work became a "non runner" I came to the conclusion this weeks schedule wasn't worth the paper it was written on.....which is why I write my weekly schedule in case of changes.
Since a 5day/40mpw was out I opted for  "quality over quantity" and tacked on another 10 miler last nite my fourth 10 miler in the last 12 days,I have to say I feel I'm getting the measure of the 10 miles again after a lengthy absence is pleasing,granted coming off of a rest day I should be able to get through a 10 miler w/out issues and add the fact last nite was 6 degrees cooler than Tuesday{82 degs} then it really should have been a slam dunk.

Since life is very much a case of roundabouts and swings  I guess I can't be too bent out of shape over not getting Friday off work as on the same day I got a Facebook message from a friend kindly offering me a ride to and more importantly from Atlantic City tonite for the Depeche Mode show, which means not only getting home at a reasonable hour but now being in a position to get a repeat session in at Temple tomorrow......whee!!!!
Since it's only 6x600m repeats....yeah only my most demanding workout of the four in my rotation he added!! if I tweak the marm up and cool down I can get 5 miles tomorrow which added to the 2 x10 milers I've already logged this week will give a  25 mile week.
It's all too easy to get caught up in the "numbers game" where weekly mileage is concerned and I'm as guilty of that as the next runner BUT it should be remembered here at the end of August that this whole month has been a "gift" as I originally though I'd still be rehabing my achilles till September so my 9,29,45,40,25 mile weeks have all been pluses I didn't think I'd even have,hopefully come Monday and the start of September I can knuckle down and start getting some consistant 5 day/40mpw's under my belt as the end of summer and fall looms large on the horizon.......

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