Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Dreaded Bonk

It's been a while since I was unable to summon up the required chops to grind out a training run so yesterdays run has to go down as a DNF {did not finish} I'll officially log it as a 6 miler given I had to walk the final mile as my legs just gave out on me after trying to grind it out over the final three miles.

Things began well enough as I hit my customary stride early down Baltimore Ave and over to Spruce St,across the South St bridge and up the Schuylkill Banks towards Boathouse Row for the turnaround at the 1 mile marker{I consider Lloyd Hall the 3 mile mark and the 8.4 loop is marked off in 1/4 mile increments beginning at Lloyd Hall hence why the 1 mile mark =4 miles and why the 2 mile mark=5 miles....}
heading back down the Schuylkill Banks I had a runner in my sights and closed to w/in a few meters of him when the wheels began to fall off......
I'd felt a little discomfort in my right running shoe on Tuesdays run as if my big toe was jamming into the toe box it stuck me as odd that having had the shoes for over ten days this was the first time I'd experienced this problem.
After futzing w/ the laces to loosen things up I got going again only to pull off to the side again w/in a mile b4 the South St bridge to repeat the process,that was probably the death nail in this run while I wasn't exactly "flowing like a symphony of Dr Dre beats" what little rhythm I had had gone w/ both those stops.

I usually convince myself once I cross South St bridge I'm home free.....not today and while the temptation to go the "bridge too far" route is crying out to be used it was more a case of "a traffic lite too far"
After waiting out the red lite crossing the bridge I continued my "soft shoe shuffle" along Spruce St but met my Waterloo at the corner of 34th and Spruce.
Over the years I've learnt how to "work the traffic lites" in my favour,speed up and beat a red lite if need be,slow down and cop a breather if need be last nite I opted to stop at the red lite to cop said breather and then couldn't get going again once I'd crossed 34th St.
I walked upto the next block and managed to get going again only to crap out when crossing 38th St,once again I couldn't summon up the will to get going and officially called time on this run w/ a mile to go.

It's not my first or last bonk and it's happened to us all{don't front on me you've bonked even if you don't want to cop to it!!!}I recall a Philadelphia Distance Run when it was still the PDR not the Rock & Roll Philly Half Marathon when one of the Kenyans was walked back to the finish just after five miles,if it can happen to a Kenyan it can happen to us all!!!
Now I'm faced w/ more questions than David Cameron at Prime Ministers Question Time,why the bonk?why do I still feel "dead below the kness on these runs"? have I bitten off more than I can chew hoping to run 6 day/50mpw so soon?why are my shoes hurting now after not giving me any problems for over ten days? and so it goes.
Given my inability to answer my alarm this morning,I finally got up at 6.30am after the initial alarm went off at 5.10am!!!! I think it's safe to say I'll sit out tonites run,I'd rather rest up and tackle Saturdays prepossed 8x300/200/300 repeats and aim for quality than quantity,w/ them and a 10 miler on Sunday I could have a 5 day/40mpw which isn't too shabby if I say so myself.

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