Monday, August 26, 2013

Less Is More

It's been said numerous times b4.....and no doubt will be said again but runners do not subscribe to the less is more theory..... it's just not in our dna.
That said sometimes we are forced albeit kickin' and screamin' to accept that fact and deal w/ it as was the case after Wednesdays spectacular Bonk on my 8 miler,rather than trudge through another 8 miler w/ potentially the same outcome and or do more harm than good I sat out Thursday and then took my regular day off on Friday leaving me w/ a weekend schedule of 8x300x200x300m repeats on Saturday followed by a 10 miler on Sunday.....5 days and 40mpw the exact schedule I had originally thought I'd operate on b4 I'd even ran a mile after my two month long stint on the DL w/ my recent bout w/ Tendonitis.

I guess I got lulled into a false sense of security when I was only upping my daily mileage by .5 a day that 6 days a week was doable,it's a tad more difficult when you're then running 8 miles a day compare to 9 miles a week but thats not to say 6 day weeks aren't in my future but for now scaling back to 5 days a week at 40mpw will do untill I feel I'm ready to make that step up whenever that may be.

I'll blog the repeats in a seperate blog,the 10 miler yesterday passed w/out incident thankfully although there were a few moments when I had visions of another bonk in the final mile but thankfully lightning didn't strike twice in the same place and I had the satisfaction of a 5 day 40 mile week to reflect on as I ready myself for more of the same this coming week.

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