Friday, August 16, 2013

Eight Is Enough.....For Now!!!

To put things in prespective when I completed my 5 lap cool down after Sundays 4x1 mile repeats I had logged a 6 day 29 mile the completion of yesterday evenings 8 miler I had racked up 29 miles in 4 wonder I was feeling knackered b4 I even began!!!
I knew I was in trouble Wednesday evening as I was falling asleep in the recliner watching the morning session of Worlds from Moscow,the fact I called it a nite by 9pm and prompty naffed off to bed underlined how tired I was.
However a full eight hours sleep did little to remedy the situation as I then ignored 2 alarms on my clock radio yesterday morning and was falling asleep on the trolley ride home,I guess the return to longer mileage was kicking my butt more than I cared to admit.
For a split second I considered blowing off the run in favour of doing it this evening.....but knew in my heart of hearts that was bollocks period plus by running on Thursday I'd allow myself a whole days recovery b4 hitting the track on Saturday for my scheduled 5x1,000m repeats I often say it's getting out there and running on the days you don't feel like it that define your desire to exceed and while I fully take on board that I'm a long way from returning to full fitness right now showing the desire to get out there and have at it when it would've been easier to blow it off means I'm heading in the right direction.

If my first week and a half of returning to training had been easy this week was a harsh reminder that you'll appreciate things that aren't just handed to you on a plate as I've had to work the inbound leg of my runs.
At least the temps have been in my favour,85,82,72,74 that's not to say I haven't worked up a good sweat in the process,forget the wheel the greatest invention of all time....dri fit running clothing!!!
W/ a 10 miler on tap for Sunday to allow me to round out my weekly mileage at 45 mpw I'll beging to come to grips w/ 8 milers next week b4 introducing the 8.4 mile tempo run into the mix next Thursday but for now I look forward to resting my weary limbs b4 heading to Temple tomorrow for more speed rest foer the wicked they say!

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