Tuesday, August 20, 2013

After The Lord Mayors Show.....

Following Sundays final day of the IAAF World Championships in track and field I'm resigned to the fact that unless I cross the border into Canada next summer I'm SOL for tv coverage of the Glasgow Commomwealth Games{and I can forget about hoping to see the European Championships from Zurich}next year.....roll on the 2015 World Championships from Beijing then for us avid track and field fans.
Don't get me wrong I love the fact Universal Sports Network covers the Diamond League{though I'd love it twice as much if it were in HD....just saying!!!!}but having just read Samsung is pulling out as the major sponser of the Diamond League I have to wonder if there will be a Diamond League next summer.......I'd be surprised if there wasn't period but as 2014 is a non championship year for American athletes w/out the Diamond League where are they suppossed to compete?.....oh for the return of the Goodwill Games and or Pan American Games.....I know,I know "track and field geek"!!!

Just as the memories of Worlds now have to go on the back burners so to does the memory of all I was able to do in training last week,I'm not the type to "lunch" on former glories so unless I can replicate/duplicate what I did last week and improve upon it it'll mean Jack Shit.
W/ that in mind I set off on the first of my three 8 milers this week,8 miles will be the distance du jour during the week for most of my training.....that said next week I'll be logging 10 milers during the week as I have to tweak my schedule.....more about that next week.
I feel I've got the measure of the 8 miler down,that said I'd like to see a little more knee lift and leg turnover on the second half of the run but I'm astute enough to know that will require a little more time,at least when I'm called upon to hold off a wouldbe overtaker I'm able to respond!

For the second time in four days I not only held off a wouldbe overtaker but left them in my wake w/ a sustained turn of speed,sorry bub they don't dish out medals for pulling along side another runner you have to be able to actually overtake them,why work that hard to close the gap{I first saw wouldbe some 20 meters behind me as I checked over my  shoulder b4 swinging wide of a stroller}then when I next checked wouldbe was now 10 meter behind me and closing....
As he made his move and pulled up alongside me I found another gear and proceeded to leave wouldbe lagging behind me it would be nice to have that leg speed throughout the whole 8 miles but frankly at this stage of my return to full time training I'm just happy to be able to dig deep when need be,at least my instincts are sharp if not my overall strenght.
I realize these runners have no clue that I'm using them to prepare myself for a return to competitive running later this year to them I'm just another runner out there "getting his run on" but w/ each wouldbe out there throwing down a challenge I'm accepting it and facing it knowing there will be sterner challenges to come.

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