Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sweatin' W/ The Oldies

No Siri I said post a picture of Nick Symmonds!!!!!! jesus you want something done these days do it your friggin' self!!!!!
Actually there's a reason for the Richard Simmons picture and it's not my fondness for women in leotards and danceskins either!!! after sweating like it was going out of style on Monday {seriously if sweat was currency I'd have been the Sultan Of Brunei!!!} and it was only 74 degrees I knew what to expect yesterday at 86 degrees and I wasn't wrong either!!

If the "wet look" is in  this fall then I'm already ahead of the fashion runways of New York,London,Paris and Milan judging from my last two runs you can expect to see me in a remake of the Right Said Fred classic "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt" anytime now!!!!
There was a dry patch on my dri fit shirt Monday pretty much in the middle of my rib cage that shrunk considerably yesterday to the size of a quarter,today is rumoured to reach 86 again so not only can I expect more of the same but maybe today said dry patch will blend into the rest of the hot sweaty mess my dri fit shirt  becomes......

I'm 86 days away from hitting the big 50 and somedays I feel it more than others but then I realized that the aging process has been going on for years.
In my 30's I probably realized there were things I didn't do as well as I did in my 20's but probably thought less of it at the time.Turning 40 and reaching "middle age" I guess I noticed more that things I used to do now took longer or didn't happen,in my 20's an "early nite" usually meant sex was involved now in my late 40's 11pm is a late nite on a week nite and an "early nite" is usually the result of being knackered let alone hoping to get my leg over!!!!

As for the run,I've now put in three 8 milers since last Thursday plus a 10 miler on Sunday so it feels like my system is getting used to the mileage although that said the "deal below the knees" sensation still lingers but hopefully not for much longer,at least on this run I felt stronger over the closing 2 miles than I have been to work on those pesky middle miles......

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