Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh Those Russians!!!!

Getting me to watch the recent World Championships from Moscow was a bit like asking Arabs how they feel about's a way of life....factor in my love of Russian women.....well lets just say they are my kryptonite and that's why I spent between four to six hours a day watching tv coverage last week
Submitted for nobodys approval other than my own my Top Ten Russian Track & Field athletes.......
"Oh show me round your snow peaked mountains way down south,take me to your daddys farm let me hear your Balalaika's ringing out,come and keep your comrade warm"
Back In The USSR-The Beatles.
Natalya Antyukh-400m Hurdles

Anna Chicarova-High Jump

Aleksandra Butvina-Heptathlon

Darya Klisnina-Long Jump

Yuliya Gushchina-200m

Yelana Isinbayeva-Pole Vault

Antonia Krivoshapka-400m

Maria Savinova-800m

Taityana Firova-4x100m

Svetlana Shkolina-High Jump

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