Monday, August 19, 2013

Returning To The Status Quo

It was roughly this time last year my reluctance to hit the track on weekends began and thus my year long sabatical began......well it's like they say "all good things come to an end" and after resuming repeats last Sunday this weekend I went the whole nine yards,repeats on Saturdaymorning,huge fuck off bowl of pasta Saturday nite and a long run on Sunday.
As is  my wont I'll post the repeats in a seperate blog entry but thanks to yesterdays 10 miler I logged a 6 day 45 mile week meaning my weekly mileage ladder now reads 1,9,29,45.

After having to grind out the closing miles of Wednesdays 7.5 miler and then Thursdays 8 miler I could've been forgiven for thinking the leap from 8 miles to 10 miles might be a bride too far but then again when have I ever conformed to conventional thinking?

As I set off at 10.40am under overcast skies I tried not to think about the fact I hadn't ran a 10 miler in eons or logged a 45 mile week in eons either or the fact I'd gotten home at 2.15am after a nite of clubbing,that much negative thinking could result in saying "ah fuck it" b4 I'd even gotten to South St bridge!!!
At least my beloved Spurs had won to get the 2013/14 season off to a winning start even if it was at the expense of Crystal Palace,I may be South East London till I die" but all bets are off when Palace,Millwall or Charlton face Palace!!!
Reaching the turnaround just b4 St Joe's boathouse on Kelly Drive I felt I was running w/in myself and began to brake down the final 5 miles,2 miles to Lloyd Hall,another mile to the end of Schuylkill Trail Park and then two miles to go.
I did a pretty good job of keeping my mind occupied over the next few miles and not think about the lack of knee lift over the final few miles on Wed and Thur,I mentally wrote out nect weeks schedule and b4 I knew it I was crossing South St bridge,from there it's easy to brake it down,get to the end of the bridge,get to Franklin Field,get to 39th St then get to 45th....aftr that it's home's just the getting there sometimes  that proves to be the fly in the ointment!!

So all in all not a bad run,I don't plan on having to run any further than 10 miles for my long run if 800m/1,500m are my prefered distances on the track but having worked my way from 29 miles to 45 miles this past week I'd like to reach 50 miles this week which will also serve as a plateau.

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