Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Road To Boston Starts Here

I could have been forgiven for going into my first repeat since Jan 24th w/ a little nervous trepidation and judging from my two trips to the bathroom b4 leaving for Temple's track there were more than just butterflies in my stomach!!!
I always knew that my first series of repeats would be nothing to write home about and yet I've chosen to blog them.....why?
A I have nothing to hide and I'm not the type of runner/blogger who only records the positives,granted it's hard to come to the pc on the back of a bad race or sub par workout but I prefer to give a balanced view of my training and B it'll be interesting over the coming months to see the improvements in my repeats,like they say "you've gotta start somewhere" and for me Sunday morning at Temple was my jumping off point.
Unlike the last time I showed up here on April 27th w/ the intention of doing 4x1 mile repeats only to bottle out and do a 6 mile time trial there would be no losing my bottle today and off a 5 lap warm up it was "have at it time"

#1 Mile
I felt 1.30 per lap at 6 mins per mile was a good baseline to work off of for now the opener was pretty darn close top that,the trick was could I stay there??
#2 Mile
I knew b4 I came through the opening 400m I was slower than my opening repeat,I was also guilty of not being 100% focused as I ran something I need to work on over the coming weeks.
#3 Mile
Rather than throw in the towel I chose to fight back,down 2 seconds at 800m I clawed them back by 1,200m and then reduced my overall arrears by 4 seconds at the finish,by overall speed my be in short supply but my basic instincts are razor sharp.
#4 Mile
Kicking w/ 200m to go as if my life depended on it I clocked a 1.19 final 400 and shaved 9 seconds off of  repeat #3.

Overall not too shabby given my lack of activity where repeats are concerned in almost six months and while I failed to keep all my laps at 1.30 and only managed one sub 6 minute mile it was a start and hopefully off the back of three more repeats over the coming weeks my next tussle w/ 4x1 mile will result in an overall improvement on todays modest beginnings,it's said you can't get from point A to point C w/out point B and if point C is Bostons Indoor Nationals next March then point B is Temples track and unlike this time last year when I blew off visits on Saturday or Sunday I aim to be back next week for a crack at 5x1,000m.

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