Monday, August 12, 2013

Mo Better Blues

Since I'm still sans internet access at home my weekend workouts will have to be posted on Mondays.....but hopefully they will be worth waiting for!!
As is my won't I take Fridays off.....hey Harold Abrahams made a career of not running on Sundays and it worked out pretty well for him!!! but even though I didn't run I did manage an arobic workout of sorts.....
Friday was the 10th anniversary of Sex Dwarf Phillys premier 80's dance party and trust me it's a five hour workout on the dance floor for yours truly.
Not finishing till 3.15am and subsequently not getting home till 4.15am meant I would NOT be hitting the track anytime on Saturday!!!

I won't lie,were it not for the fact I knew I had 4 hours of Universal Sports Network coverage of the opening day of the World Championships from Moscow on my dvr already plus 90 mins of NBC's coverage still to follow I'd have slept later than 9.30am but I got up and watched the opening rounds of the first days events b4 gettting the blood circulating by walked back and forth to the nearby Fresh Grocer{I cannot live off of Gatorade and Power Bars alone!!!} and then heading over to trusty Clark Park one last time.
Knocked out a 5.5 miler mid afternoon just as the Farmers Market was calling it a day so less peeps to weave around.
Thankfully the "humdity monster"

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