Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Perfect Symmetry

According to Wikipedia the meaning of Irony is as follows in it's broadest sense,is a rhetorical device,literary technique,or event characterized by an incongruity,or contrast between reality{what is} and appearence{what seems to be}.
What has tthis got to do w/ running you may ask?.....fuck all really but at 3.5 miles it was a slow day and I need to pad this bastard out somehow!!!!
Seriously though there was a line of symmetry running through my mind yesterday,I should end up w/ a 6 day week and 28.5 mile week this week,the very same week last year that my"year in Corsica" begun,"there are no coinsidences" so they say!
I have to say this whole half mile increase of my mileage is working out pretty well too,aside from not overloading my still recovering achilles I have a blank canvas in terms of a race schedule so what is my rush exactly?
After my initial mile last Sunday I said my achilles was fine,it was the rest of me that was knackered so I'm glad Jenn suggested the "10 % Rule" I always knew off a two month lay off my conditioning would be for shite so the daily extra half a mile increase is helping climb that hurdle,I'm still well removed from being quote unquote"the finished article" that said I noticed the last two days I,m not bent over double on my front door step at the end of my runs,little by little Rome wasn't built in a day afterall.

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