Wednesday, August 7, 2013


What my conditioning,strength,stamina and speed may lack my razor sharpe wit makes up for......unless you don't get the Zepplin 4 reference......!!!!
As each day goes by I learn what I can and thankfully thus far not yet can't do tendonwise,there's still some lingering discomfort in and around my achilles that I'm in all liklihood going to have to live w/,according to Jenn the ammount of scar tissue surrounding my achilles tendon is considerable so being discomfort free seems as unlikely a say a Led Zepplin tour in the forseeable future!!!

All jokes aside it's paramount that I continue to stretch and ice b4 and after each workout to buy another day for myself, the last six or seven years have been blighted w/ injury and illness{07/08 my stress fracture,09 achilles,11 anemia,13 tendonitis}aside from the physical nature of illness and injury it takes its toll mentally having to stop and start training,I'm aware the older I get the potentially harder it becomes to return to full blown training,for me I don't have to win EVERY race I do HAVE to be competitive otherwise what's the point? so all this stop/start,stop/start bollocks can be detremental to that.

Having reached 4 miles last nite 4.5 tonite would be gratifying,physically I don't see it being an issue, but they are calling for showers the next three days,I'm not oppossed to running in the rain if need by,afterall I was once accussed of running in the rain to quote"spin tales of intestinal fortitude....." whatever the fuck that meant!!
I'd like to stay on pace this week 4.5 tonite,5 tomorrow b4 5.5 on Saturday b4 6 miles on Sunday,aside from the symmetry of it Sunday is scheduled to be repeats.....more on that tomorrow!

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