Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Tribal Name Is Pale

Ok,so the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive are NOT the Rift Valley.....not by a  LONG shot and even though it was the hottest day I've run this year at 88 degrees it's hardly Matthew Broderick in "Biloxi Blues" man it's hot!....Africa hot.....Tarzan couldn't stand this heat!!!!! but faced w/ my third 10 miler in 10 days I could be forgiven for not wishing to channel my inner Kenyan as I faced the out and back along said Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive to the 2 mile marker and back.
As best I know I have no connection to anyone from the Masai tribe much less ever met anyone who could lay claim to being one of the nomadic warriors from Kenya{though I am somewhat of a nomad myself!!} but if you can't have a bit of harmless fun on a Tuesday afternoon while out running what's the point?
There's a time to be serious w/ running....Nationals,Worlds,Penn Relays,Millrose Games etc but if pretending to be a Kenyan on a tuesday afternnon as you tackle another in a LONG succession of training runs between now and the indoor season is what gets you not only out the door but also through the run where's the harm??

The fact my arms and legs are finally starting to show some colour this summer since I returned to regular training is  frankly a relife,blame it on my English/Irish complexion but pale is a way of life,maybe that's why I never went West Coast and took up surfing not because I can't surf but because I'd stick out like a Bulldogs bollocks being the lone pale surfer out on the waves,if I ever write my running memoirs "Pale Paddy & Proud" is a strong contender for the title!!!! and if this running/blogging lark bottoms out then being an Irish sunblock model has to be a future career option I guess!!!!
After sitting out Monday in order to soak my aching calves my legs felt fine,no "dead from the knees or waist down" feeling today,no gritting my teeth at the 3.5 mile mark like last week on my 8 milers either and having gotten two 10 milers under my belt since last Sunday I'm reasonably confident of my ability to see it through to the more DNF/Boinking in my forseeable future....he said.....
Unlike Sunday when I felt utterly spent post 10 miler I felt ok post run,granted I wasn't exactly the captain of industry post run but I did all the things that needed doing,stretched,iced,showered,made dinner pulled trash and copped alittle nite session US Open action and bed by 9.30pm all so I can do it all again tomorrow......and so it goes

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