Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Return To The Death Cage......

All this running around,well it's getting me down just give a pain that I'm used to I don't need to believe all the dreams you conceive you just need to achieve something that rings true
 A Pain That I'm Used To-Depeche Mode

Fitting I should've been in Atlantic City on Friday nite to catch the Depeche Mode "Delta Machine" tour stop on their US tour knowing that Saturday lunch time I'd be hitting the track at Temple for 6x600m repeats aka "The Death Cage"
My friend and team mate Ray Parker coined the term "Death Cage" and it kind of stuck,he also came up w/ the time honoured quote re 6x600m repeats
"Self inflicted,gut wrenching,mind bending pain......repeat!!!!" hence the nod to Depeche Mode's "A Pain That I'm Used To" as I've been steppin' inside ye olde  "Death Cage" for the last seven years now.
It was always gonna be a somewhat compromised repeat, for starters I haven't done 6x600s since two brief appearences on the track in mid January when I was bundled upto the nines to combat the sub zero temps and secondly having danced my arse off for two hours at The Revel for Depeche Mode and gotten to bed at 2am I was hardly "bright eyed and bushy tailed"...but I was convinced the first 600m would wake me the fuck up in a heartbeat!!!

Arriving at Temple by 11.35am I got my 5 lap warm up in b4 stepping inside the Death Cage once more......
#1 600m 1.13-37-1.50.7.
Not a bad start I though based on last weeks 8x300x200x300m repeats a 1.50-1.55 was doable roughly 1.20 per 400m and 35 per the 200
#2 600m 1.17-37-1.54.8
Still w/in the parameters of 1.50/1.55 but only just under 1.55.....
#3 600m 1.19-37-1.56.7
This is where the opening 400m in 1.13 would begin to bite me in the rear
#4 600m 1.19-37-1.56.2
If only that opening 400m had've been a 1.17 I could've had 4 opening 400s at 1.17 and probably 4x600m at 1.54.....
#5 600m 1.20-40-2.00.0
CLUNK! the sound of the wheels coming off
#6 600m 1.25-41-2.06.2
BOLLOCKS!!! But to put things in prespective in January when I ran two sets of 6x600m in just over a week I think the majority of them were plus two minutes so at least today it was only the last two that got away from me.

Overall I'm reasonably pleased w/ my performance,yes there's room for improvement but I'm confident when I revisit the "Death Cage" on September 21st it won't be off the back of a concert and I'll be fresher to face the rigours of 6x600m in hopefully all sub 2.00,maybe even all sub 1.55...time will tell.

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