Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hittting {Joaquim} Cruz Control

I always knew coming off of almost a years inactivity that it'd take a while for me to hit my stride once I returned to training,I also knew I had time on my side w/ no races planned till the indoor season so there was no need or muchless no point on setting a time limit on when I might return to the level I thought I should be at,it would happen when it happened and when it did I'd know it and then hopefully raise the level of my training so I could reach the next plateau.......maybe just maybe I reached that first level this week.

Mondays 6 miler was encouraging given how last week had fallen apart and Tuesdays 8 miler underlined that Monday wasn't a fluke or one off,the trick now was to keep pushing the envelope to see  IF infact I had turned a corner here in week eight of training.
Setting off at roughly 4.20pm conditions were sunny{shades} and warm 70 degrees {sleeveless running shirt} as I made my way down to the South St bridge and the Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Dr.
The little signs of improvement have been there all week,the increased leg turnover,the ability to "freewheel" the handful of downhills this course offers and also work the uphills also but also now speeding up to beat the lights where as up untill last week I was content to take the red lite and the breather it offered,all of this may not sound like much but when you've been running for 37 years and counting you get an idea of when things are falling into place,and this week sofar has felt like it....long may that continue.

Granted the cooler conditions are probably helping but not the sole reason for the spike in performances,neither should my daily intake of Vitamin D and Magnesium tablets be considered a sole reason for this weeks improvment in the way I feel but those two combined w/ the fact that w/ eight weeks of near consistant training my body is hopefully responding to the almost daily training schedule,I always felt getting my body and brain on the same wavelength would be a boost in performance levels and thus far this week that has been the case,the trick will be to continue to ride this wave.

I have back to back days off now b4 I tackle my 8x300x200x300m repeats on Saturday and then go long {10 miles} on Sunday for hopefully a 5 day/40 mile week,it's a bit early to be talking about "the dawning of a new era" where my training is concerned but I do feel I've turned a corner this week.

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