Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Friendly Confinds Of Kelly Drive

Finally got off the mark for September yesterday w/ an easy 8 miler out and back along the trusty Schuylkill Banks and Kelly Drive.
Sunday I spent the whole day at the US Open which while being a fun day was tiring,ok granted I spent most of the day sitting down but I had to get up at 5.40am in order to catch the 7am Megabus to Midtown Manhattan and didn't get home till 2.40am on Monday morning and hit the zzzzzzzzs by 3am....
Surfice to say Monday was always going to be a tentative day for a run,I had penciled inan 8 miler tentitivly but by the time I eventually rolled out of bed at 11am and allowed myself an hour to get the engine ticking over{ a running version of don't swim after you've eaten I guess!!??}the heavens opened and frankly after the rain stopped too much time had elapsed to allow for that spontanious "get up and go" attitude so Monday fell by the way side but frankly after a long day at the Tennis the day b4 I wasn't too bent out of shape to burn my token rest day early in the week....however I maybe singing from a different hymn sheet come Thursdays tempo run as I won't have the luxury of a rest day the day b4.....

So,September wow this year has moved along at quite a clip hasn't it,I want to cherrish each nice day September brings because as sure as God made little green apples these days will soon be  but a distant memory.
81 degrees and sunny as I made my way out the front door at 4.30pm it's funny in April and May b4 the tendonitis caused me to sit out June and July I saw alot of activity on and off the nearby U Penn campus,now that Fall classes are about to resume if infact they haven't already the same activity can be witnessed first hand....which probably means it's only a matter of time b4 some jumped up Ivy Leaguer and I get into a verbal altercation as he looks to be "big man on campus" infront of his frat brothers and I remind him that the Ivy League means sweet FA to a South Londoner.....nuff said!
On my way back from my turnaround point on Kelly Drive I ran into not one but two team mates,usually once a week I cross paths w/ Bryant Nix and w/in a few strides Sean Harbison was running in our direction....did I miss the meno this was a group run??
It was good to catch up w/ those guys and shoot the breeze b4 I continued on my merry way back down the banks to the footbridge over the Conrail track and eventually over the South St bridge and home....job done.

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