Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bobby Moore,The Spirit Of 66 And All That

So I guess the sixty four billion dollar question is "what caption and picture would I have chosen if the temprature had been 69 degrees???".....I guess we'll have to cross,burn,jump,paint that bridge when the time comes!!
So we've established it was a 66 degree day when I ran,the coolest it's been in the eight weeks since I resumed training,it's only going to get cooler but according to the boffins at the Met Temps will heat up a little over the coming days,80 degrees on the weekend......don't put away those sleeveless running shirs just yet!

I set off around 4.20pm conditions may've been 5 degrees cooler than Monday but at least the sun was out which always helps.
I was cautious not to get carried away by Mondays 6 miler but it was evident early on into this run I was feeling a lot better than last week,even though Friday will mark my 14th anniversary working at the hospital I'm no medical expert but I do think last weeks "grind em till ya find em" and "bonk" were health related and seemingly I'm over that issue now so hopefully full steam ahead.
I was "kicking out the clutch" on the downhills,working the up hills and getting much more leg turnover than I have been of late,maybe it's the cooler weather,maybe it's the incentive of getting home to catch the tail end of "Crowd Goes Wild" and my girl Georgie Thompson and or the fact that in week eight of training maybe just maybe it's all starting to come together but whatever the reason last nite felt like days of old,and that dear reader can only be a good thing for yours truly.

Another 8 miler on tap this afternoon/evening,I'm still not sure the 8.4m tempo run is part of the weekly program but if I can continue to feel this good then maybe it's not too far away but for now lets take one training run at a time and see what comes of that b4 thinking about global locally,think globally!!!!

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