Monday, September 16, 2013

Switching My Dancing Shoes For Running Shoes

As I said on Friday I was not only willing to blow off my monthly 80's nite at Voyeur and save my legs for the weekend but I made good on that offer,file it under "for the greater good"!!
Up by 9.30am since I'd gotten to bed at a respectable hour{11pm} I had my ritual pre ran breakfast of a cup of tea and a banana while catching up on the current comings and goings of Albert Square in "Eastenders"....I say current we've eight and a half years behind the present storyline the episodes I just watched were from Valentines Day 2005......and w/ PBS showing no signs of increasing it's weekly episodes from two a week I guess we'll never get caught up,I know I'm the poster child for the 80's and all things retro but sweet Jesus!!!!

Out the door by 10.30am,early on into my run I felt the goosebumps on my arms....not from the fear of another bonk but from the dip in temprature,the sun may've been out but it was a typical end of summer /early fall kind of morning,note to self  get some of my dri fit short sleeve running shirts ready they could be pressed into action sooner than I thought!!
I opted for a 5 miler to put me on tap for a 25 mile week{10 miles Tuesday,5 miles Wednesday,5 miles Saturday and 5 miles Sunday a mile warm up and coo down either side of my 5x1,000m repeats}

While my run along the Schuylkill Bank was limited I made my turn around at the Art Museum I had enough runners in front of me or running towards me to observe their knee lift and leg be honest I didn't see a whole heck of a lot of difference from theirs to mine so maybe I'm overthinking this whole issue,that said post run I did buy some vitamins to hopefully boost my recent sub par performances,in 2011 when the whole anemia issue rose to the fore I was poppin' Iron Pills firstly on a daily basis then once a week plus Vit D and E b4 eventually stopping as I didn't think I needed them anymore.....the recent struggles on my runs have underlined a need to do that again so as well as my daily intake of Vit C I'm now back on a weekly regament on Iron Pills plus daily Vit D and Magnesium lets see if they make a difference?

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