Friday, September 6, 2013

Doing My Best Eric Neis

Blame it on Chuck Klosterman,I just got done reading his book "Sex,Drugs And Coco Puffs" where he mentioned MTV's "The Real World" and I will confess back in the beginning of "The Real World" I would tune in on a regular basis,I recall the New York season which featured Eric Neis as one of the housemates,he would later go on to appear in MTV's "The Grind" anyhow that's probably where the image of Eric Neis and "The Grind" sprung to mind as I headed out the door yesterday afternoon for my 8 miler.....given how tired I felt it was always going to be a grind!

I knew i had to get the run in,I'd burnt my rest day on Monday citing fatigue from a long day at the US Open so arse draggin' or not it was home,stretch,change and out the door for an 8 miler.
Now b4 I get beaten over the head w/ this YES I did say at the start of the week Thursdays would be the start of my 8.4 mile tempo run around the Art Museum Loop.....seems like I've citing this for the past few weeks but after my 8 miler w/ Nick and then The Mission concert I knew it wasn't happening this evening and by the time I made the turnaround at 4 miles I felt justified in that call,next to no knee lift and very little leg turnover......maybe next Thursday for the tempo run!

Remember on Tuesday when I was waxing lyrical about it being 81 degrees? yesterday it was 77 degrees and while its nice not to be sweating like a pig on my runs it is another reminder that summer is about to turn to fall ergo the need to cherrish each great weather day we get from here on in as they will be few and far between b4 becoming fond memories.

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